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My Pop Studio In Action: Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. of Philadelphia has a Saturday Sisters program where girls socialize and learn with "big sister" mentors, where My Pop Studio was brought into the program.  You can learn more details in a case study about it. 

  • Setting:  Girls Inc. location
  • Time Frame:  4 non-consecutive Saturdays, 4 hour sessions
  • Computer Access:   computer lab

My Pop Studio workshops were held on four "Saturday Sisters" workshops at a Girls Inc. location in Philadelphia.  Each workshop brought a diverse range of girls to learn about one of the My Pop Studio modules, to socialize, and experience positive female mentorship.

Each Saturday Sisters session was four hours long (including lunch time).  The session usually began with self-introductions or ice breaking activities and discussion of girls' favorite media related to the module focus for that week (magazine, TV, music, or digital).  Then, girls played the games within the module for that day.  Sometimes they had to complete written activities along with the games from the My Pop Studio Lesson Plans.

Then, lunch was about 45 minutes.  After lunch, girls would often do an offline activity related to My Pop Studio's learning goals.  Some of these activities included written activities from the Lesson Plans, while others were developed by the workshop leader.  For instance, on Magazine Studio day, girls learned from playing Photo Fakery! that photographs in magazines are often manipulated.  This led to a discussion about the types of unrealistic images girls see in magazines.  To expand on this learning point, girls created a "Positive Message Collage" where they cut out positive messages (images or words) that seem realistic, send healthy messages, and make them feel good about themselves.  You can read a case study for more details about the My Pop Studio workshops at Girls Inc.