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Fairly Useful: Copyright in Libraries

Fairly Useful: Copyright in Libraries, Part Two

Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Warwick Public Library

Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services

Sponsored by the LORI Resource Sharing Working Group

1:15 pm - 2:45 pm

All the Copyright Questions

Presenter: Renee Hobbs, Author of Copyright Clarity

Do you have questions about how copyright and fair use affect you or your patrons? Renee Hobbs will answer questions and discuss strategies for using inquiry practices to support people's ability to gain a better understanding of copyright law and apply it to everyday life.

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

"Ripping Digital Video" & the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Presenter: Renee Hobbs, Professor, Director, Media Education Lab, University of Rhode Island

When can patrons legally rip video for creative media production projects? How does the recent 2018 ruling impact what librarians can and cannot do on behalf of their patrons? What does the Library of Congress see as the the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead regarding the fair use of streaming video? 


Plagiarism Vs Copyright

The Cost of Copyright Confusion Video 

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education

User Rights, Section 107

ARL - Code of Best Practices (Jaszi and Aufderheide)

Working 11 to 2


Slides from Copyright Clarity by Renee Hobbs 

Copyright Resources from the Media Education Lab

Lesson Plans


Section 1201 Overview - Library of Congress

Takedown and Counternotification

My Current Example


Professor Hobbs Goes to Washington

DMCA 1201 Hearings - 2012

DMCA 1201 Hearings 2018 

Audiovisual Works - Education, DMCA 1201 - Comment and Criticism 2018


ALA Advocacy, Carrie Russell


Hobbs, R. (2019). Copyright and Fair Use. In R. Hobbs and P. Mihailidis (Eds). International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy (pp. 1 - 16). Wiley Blackwell. 

Hobbs, R. (2019). The Library Screen Scene: Film and Media Literacy in Schools, Colleges and Communities. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Hobbs, R. (2016). Lessons in copyright activism: K-12 education and the DMCA 1201 exemption rulemaking process. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, 12(1), 50-63.